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7 Principles of Distraction

I use the analogy of the Native American Coyote - the Trickster to teach this philosophy and drive home the understanding. The coyote is really a teacher who teaches us about our foibles and weakness's in a way in which we can accept and then take action.

Most of us have a deep instinctual knowing of the purpose of our existences. We are continually battling the dark side of spirituality or the forces that conspire to drive us from knowing our desired purpose in life! What distracts from that knowing I call the Seven Coyote's of distraction!


Those being:

1. Know 'APISTOHTOKI' (Creator).
2. Learn as much truth as we are capable
of accepting.
3. Teach these truths to others.
4. Find and experience lasting peace.
5. Find and experience boundless joy.
6. Find and experience limitless love.
7. Find a purpose beyond ourselves.

Sometime during our lifetime, we begin to feel a yearning for something else. Something we do not quite understand, but we know this yearning has little to do with the mundane experience's we have lived until this point. If we were to try to put this feeling into words we might describe it as a deep need to get home, and yet we do not quite know where home is or how to get there. So we begin a search that is honorable and sincere.

Some of us have learned much in our lifetimes and realize what it is we need to progress up the evolutionary ladder of enlightenment. For those the path is easier and we know how not to fight the direction. For the majority of us, however we only find the PATH after much difficulty and disillusionment. This usually is not all our doing but rather the responsibility of the cultures into which we are born. Our perceptions are clouded by what we perceive from our experiences and teachings, unfortunately we are being taught by unenlightened beings that are on the path of selfish, self-serving greed. Some of those beings are aware of what they are doing, but the majorities have no idea as they think it is normal and OK to use others to get what they want. Those beings use what I call the Coyote's of Distractions to teach us as a society how to act.

We as potential enlightened beings have to be constantly aware of our perceptions and how they can be easily corrupted by society. We must be aware on a daily, even hourly basis lest we are drawn into those perceptions.

The Coyote's of Distractions can be categorized as follows:

The Quest for Power

Native American Coyote One


The power of money because that is what society respects and worships. People look to money for all sorts of reasons; rationalizing that with money we can gain the power we need to do the things we think need to be done.


Money is not power, it is one of the false Gods of the flesh. It is simply a means of exchange. People do not respect money at the level of the heart therefore money becomes useless for spiritual things. Neither Christ nor Buddha or any enlightened being had money or placed any value on it. There is nothing wrong with the intent of money, what is wrong is the intent of greed filled individuals who distort and destroy through the use of it.

Native American Coyote Two


The power to teach via title or position. People think having a title or position gains them respect and attention.


The power of position or title have no bearing on the teachings of the heart. These things may reach those of us who live in the flesh but not those who live in the heart and spirit. To live in a truly spiritual manner is to live in humble service to others.

Native American Coyote Three


The power of strong body and the strength of mind. People admire these attributes and are impressed with their message.


Body and mind are outward appearances and have nothing to do with the grander things of life. Those who have wisdom and truly wish to listen will not listen to an over educated mind or an over developed body.

What is needed is sincerity and love and it makes no difference how it comes. When the spiritual mind and body is strong all else will follow. People need to learn to listen to their inner truths and not those who profess to know more than another. We all have the same access to these truth's, we just need to be taught how the access the information.

Native American Coyote Four


The power of fear is great and through fear the masses will follow. If I can threaten you with a Devil I can control you.


You can never force acceptance through fear. You can never force understanding through fear. Fear may imprison the logical mind and body but never the spiritual mind or body.

Native American Coyote Five


The power of deception will lead the masses to acceptance. Then you can control through the use of more deception.


Nothing can deceive the spiritual heart or mind as the heart will always know of the deception. The trick is not allowing the deception to deceive the logical mind.

Native American Coyote Six


The power of religion. If one rises to the top of the masses through religion then they can control through the use of religion and thus bring Creator closer.


If one flourishes through religion then there needs to be no control and there needs to be no power. Only Creator can give true power but it is power for true purpose. No church, temple, nor religious cult can give true power.

Native American Coyote Seven


There is power in healing. Society looks to a healer as all powerful so they will follow.


There are no healers; they are only bridges for the spirit to heal through. A person who says he is a healer is only filling his own ego which diminishes his power.


These are the things that distract us from our true path, they are things of the head and not of the heart. They have little to do with finding one's truth and Creators' real power. The only true power is that of unconditional love. Change cannot be forced for very long, as there will be rebellion as well it should be. The only true change is through the heart and free choice. One must be discerning when choosing their teacher. We can learn from all that we come in contact with but we must be capable of separating good teachings from bad and then maintain the true power of discernment which lays in acceptance and non-judgmental loving of all things.

Live in a simple, unobstructed manner. Do not attempt to control your life by controlling others; all you will accomplish is creating pain for yourself and those others. Learn to pray many times during the day and you will be at ease. Place your true faith in yourself and your Creator and your path will be much straighter and relatively clear of obstacles.

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